GTR R35 Norway Roadtrip

GTR R35 Road Trip in Norway

Fredrik Jönsson from RedHouseMedia is on his way to capture beautiful scenery in Norway. To make it more exciting he had include a Nissan Skyline GTR r35 complete with matte ...

History of BMW M3

History of BMW M3

The history of BMW M3 can be traced back to mid 80’s. M3 is the race spec version for the BMW 3-Series. The model targeted for young people during economic booming in ...


Wörthersee – Heaven for VW and Audi Enthusiasts

Wörthersee is a beautiful place located in Austria. It has one of the most beautiful lake with about 20 km long and 1 km wide. Before the construction of Austrian Southern ...

1874 142 Volvo Featuring Image

Greg Keysar’s 1974 Volvo 142 GL

My family own a Volvo from 240 family sedan. We bought it on early 2000 and it never disappointing us. We used that car to pickup my stuff from the ...

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