Before You Buy An E60 BMW M5

BMW M5 E60 is a high performance sedan. It cost a lot money when it first come out from the factory. But now there are owners who are letting go ...


360 HP Mini With B16A VTEC Turbo Engine

The original Mini is one of the iconic British cars produced by British Motor Corporation since 1959. People love it because it is small and use less fuel. Although it ...


Insane Build of the 1972 Menace Corvette

The mission was to bring this 1972 Chevy Corvette C3 into the 21st century. The project started in customer’s garage. It was later moved to Heartland Customs when the owner ...


Tuner Evolution: Daytona Beach 2018 in 4K by HALYCYON

HALYCYON published a video to recap Daytona Beach 2018 event in 4K format. The event full with range of cars; EDM, JDM and USDM, old and new cars. Enjoy the video.


Swapping A Volkswagen Golf R With Aftermarket Exhaust Systems? Which One Suite You?

Golf R MK7 is the highest range available among Golf family. It has more horsepower, aggresive body kits and it run on All Wheel Drive (AWD) system. Compared to traction ...


Between Weight Reduction or More Horse Power, Which One Will Win?

If we reduce the weight of one car to compete with a car that has higher horsepower, which car will win? LegitStreetCars have run an experiement to proof it. They ...


A 680 HP Supercharged Agro AMG Weistec Mercedes C63 W204

Mercedes AMG C63 is one of the fastest model among the C-Class. In stock, this 2009 model is powered by a 6.2-liter V8 engine producing 451 bhp @6800 rpm. AutopiaLA ...


Novitec Dyno Test Their McLaren 720S

Novitec put a teaser on YouTube today showing their McLaren 720S on a dyno platform. The car spits some fire during its dyno test. The car sounds good but they ...


A 700 Horsepower BMW 5-Series M5 F90 Tuned By Manhart

The new BMW M5 F90 is one of the fastest executive sedan introduced by BMW. Based on the BMW G30, the BMW M5 F90 was presented on August 2017 to ...


A 75 Years Man With His A 600 Horsepower VW Golf R MK7

A Volkswagen Golf R is the highest range among Golf lineup. Able to own one of it is a pride. A stock Golf R came with a 2.0 turbo producing ...