A Story of An Australian Who Own Mazda RX-2

The modification scene in Australia is quite different from other countries. Australia is a well-known country for their love and expertise on the rotary engine. This 1971 Mazda RX-2 is the best example, and it is own by Jason Humble. His father is a racing car driver, and when he was a kid, he went to the race track. He got this Mazda RX-2 Capella back in 2002. It has been abandoned for a long time. He took back the car. Then he slowly repaired and restored back his Mazda RX-2 for the next three years. Although he put a lot of effort to restore the car, it does not stop him to enjoy driving it.

We’re the little car that could…or would like to. We race pretty hard, we race door handle to door handle…I don’t think it’s fair to the car to be expected to be perfect all the time.

Aussie Mazda RX-2 - 9Aussie Mazda RX-2 - 3

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