A Story of A Porsche 964 Named The Growler

This is a story of a Porsche 964 named The Growler. It is owns by a photographer named Alexander Bermudez. Previously skeptical about air cooled cars, his perception changed when his friend offer him to sell this car and allow him to take a spin before he agreed to buy it. There are a lot of engine modification have been done including the exterior and interior looks of this car.

Porsche 964 Growler - 8

The 1990 Porsche 964 had received a new Recaro racing seats, roll cage, Carrera RS suspension and he also had taking out all unnecessary component to reduce its total weight. Bermudez claims that the car is fast like a today’s car but it had no power steering wheels which let him to get direct response while driving it and he enjoy driving it every single seconds.

Porsche 964 Growler - 6

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