A Story About Perfectly Imperfect Porsche 912

This is a story about perfectly imperfect Porsche 912. This Porsche 912 is from 1967 model and it is own by Antoine Gaslais. Instead of restoring his car to perfection, he decided to enjoy his Porsche as in original condition as possible. When he won his car from an auction, the car was stalled. He put a lot of his money to get his Porsche 912 running again. It took a year before his restoration project completed.

Perfectly Imperfect Porsche 912 - 7

Unfortunately, on his journey outside Paris, his Porsche 912 engine broke. He had no money left to fix his car this time. Luckily, his friend, Julien also started his own project restoring a Porsche 912. After Julien’s project completed, he offered Antoine his old engine because he already got new engine for his Porsche 912. It is a simple swapping process because it is from the same model. Since then, Antoine enjoy driving his Porsche 912 in 60’s style.

Perfectly Imperfect Porsche 912 - 11

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