A Story About A Guys Who Built a Peugeot Rally Car In His Barn

This is a story about a guys who built a rally car in his barn. Alex Kelsey is from New Zealand. He starts shows his interest in rally when he was a kid. You might thought he bought this car from someone else but he is not. This Peugeot is his project. He built this car by himself with some help from his friends. But he managed to do it without the needs to setup a big company and looking at the end product, it is hard for you to believe it but it is the truth.

Alex Kelsey Peugeot WRC - 3

The Peugeot received massive upgrades. The front engine have been relocated at the mid of the car. The stock engine was thrown out to give a way to 450 horsepower RenaultSport V6 that he got from Formula 3. Almost all bodypart are made by carbon fiber material and reduce its total weight to 1000kg. Other than the engine and the gearbox, all parts were made by himself including a home built suspension system. It is a perfect built.

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