A Mercedes AMG C63 W204 With 190E Body

Swapping an old car with a more modern engine is normal for car ethusiast who wants more power from their car. It does require a lot of work to repair and strengthen the old chassis.

Mereceds C63 with 190E Body 2

But the following project is different. Piper Motorsports is mounting a classic 1985 Mercedes 190E on top of a 2010 C63 AMG W204. The whole underbody which includes its engine, transmission, driveline, suspension system, braking system, dashboard, fire wall and electronics are using the C63 chassis.

Mereceds C63 with 190E Body

The entire exterior body which include body panels, doors, roof, front and rear windows are coming from a regular 190E. To make it looks good with the new C63 engine, Piper Motorsports replaced its body panel with an EVO kit. The kits feature a new front and rear bumper with wider wheel archs on all side.

Mereceds C63 with 190E Body 3

Since it more easy to reuse the dashboard from the C63, Piper Motorsports have to make a custom center console for it. They also have to make adjustment for all its door to fit the C63 body.

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