A Defender With 475hp Powered by V8 Engine

JE Motorworks has released their latest project called Zulu Defender which will transform a normal Land Rover Defender to a Super Defender. The conversion will swap the original engine with 4.7-litre JLR V8 engine which produce 475hp. The conversion can be done on right hand drive or left hand drive.


They named it as Zulu package. Other engine upgrades, the package also includes 18-inch alloy wheels, new suspension system which lowered the Defender, an upgraded limited slip differential, better braking system and electronic handbrake.

The Defender is ancient mechanical infrastructure and the engine is from an era when cars are computers: it’s like getting an iPhone playing music via a cassette deck – but we’ve done it, and we’ve done it seamlessly

There are also JE badge on thr front, rear exhausts with twin pipes, side vents, bigger air intakes, aluminum grille, LED lights, leather upholstery, better sound proofing, air conditioning system and heated seats.Those who want a ready-built Zulu Defender also can get it with only 25 units are available.



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