A BMW M4 Convertible With 532 Horsepower

Daehler Design & Technik GmbH introduce their latest project on a BMW M4 convertible. They took a different approach compared to other tuners which usually avoid open top cars and they successfully turned the BMW M4 into an attractive powerful machine. A BWM M4 basically already produce 425 horsepower. But Daehler Design & Technik GmbH able to squeeze more power output up to 532 horsepower from the 3.0 Liter Biturbo inline six engine with their stage 2 kit. Other than that, they also offer 18 stage adjustable suspension system, high-performance brakes, new stainless steel exhaust system and an aerodynamic kit.

BMW M4 532 hp - 13

BMW M4 532 hp - 15

BMW M4 532 hp - 8

(via Motor1)

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