A 75 Years Man With His A 600 Horsepower VW Golf R MK7

A Volkswagen Golf R is the highest range among Golf lineup. Able to own one of it is a pride. A stock Golf R came with a 2.0 turbo producing 292 horsepower. Compared to a standard Golf GTi, the Golf R has an All Wheel Drive (AWD) system.

75 Years Old Golf R with 600 HP - 00005

On the other hand, the Golf R is not the same as the Golf R Line. R-Line is a Golf with 1.4 TSi engine that has cosmetic looks similar to the Golf R.

The following video shows a story of man who owns a Golf R. Although Arthur is in his 70’s, it does not stop him to enjoy his hobby driving a fast car. His Golf R is a sleeper.

75 Years Old Golf R with 600 HP - 00003

There is no massive GT wings or even an aftermarket sports wheels. From its appearance, it looks like stock Golf but of course the Golf R bodykit and wheel make it looks different than the  GTi and TSi model.

Pop up the front hood, there is no colored hose. It looks standard but for those who owns a Golf R, you will realize a bigger turbine is reside at the back of the engine near to the firewall.

75 Years Old Golf R with 600 HP - 00007

Arthur said there are a lot of modifications have been made including its cooling system but he prefer to keep it look stock. The car now producing 600 horsepower. Double from its stock specification.

75 Years Old Golf R with 600 HP - 00008

When being asked who tuned the car, the owner kept the tuner name as a secret for now. It is because the tuner themselves who want to remain anonymous.

Although he is a 75 years old man, he looks active and responsive. If you watch the video, you can see the reaction from the passenger when this old man push the pedal to the floor.

75 Years Old Golf R with 600 HP - 00011


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