A 680 HP Supercharged Agro AMG Weistec Mercedes C63 W204

Mercedes AMG C63 is one of the fastest model among the C-Class. In stock, this 2009 model is powered by a 6.2-liter V8 engine producing 451 bhp @6800 rpm.

AutopiaLA is a YouTube channel showcasing muscle cars and restomods. Although a Mercedes C63 is not known as a muscle car, they make no mistake by labeling it as Euro Muscle Car.

Agro AMG Weistec Mercedes C63 W204 - 10

This Mercedes AMG C63 W204 is being heavily modified. You might wonder why this car looks quite different compare to another Mercedes C63? It is because the workmanship is incredible.

Agro AMG Weistec Mercedes C63 W204 - 12

You won’t notice the body is now wider thanks to its seemless steel extension on its front and rear panels including its rear doors. With a wide body panel, the front and rear bumper need to be modified too. By the way, the bumpers originally came from the Black Series model.

Agro AMG Weistec Mercedes C63 W204 - 1

There are also lots of carbon fiber parts including the rear wings, side mirrors, front hood and other trims inside the car.

Agro AMG Weistec Mercedes C63 W204 - 8

Another amazing job being done is the engine. The engine has been fully rebuilt by Weistec. The car now being fitted a supercharger system, forged pistons, upgraded fuel rail, Weistec transmission system, ceramic brakes and H&R suspension system.

Agro AMG Weistec Mercedes C63 W204 - 4

The exhaust system has been replaced with a new one but they decided to maintain its C63 tailpipes. And the sound came from this car is so loud.







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