A 1976 BMW 2002 Project

When you have problems that can ruin your life, it is better for you to find something to do. Carter Kelly Kramer have hard time when his parent decided to separate. To keep himself busy, he bought a 1976 BMW 2002 on eBay. The BMW 2002 far from perfect.

A 1976 BMW 2002 That Teach Everything - 3

Carter knows nothing about car restoration process. He later become an intern in local workshop and he gain his knowledge to restore his BMW 2002 from them. His BMW 2002 project took long time to complete.He even bought a BMW E30 when he decided to continue his study in college. But his heart still with his BMW 2002. After saving some money, he decided to restore back his BMW 2002.


  • JMac

    December 05, 12 2015 01:44:23

    Stick to writing in your native language. Unbearable to read this crap.

    • Khairul Shukeri

      December 05, 12 2015 03:18:39

      You dont have to read .. there is video for you to watch

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