900 Horsepower Rockstar Passat by Tanner Foust

Tanner Foust is a racing driver that stick to drifting motorsport a couple of years. He start from bottom and work hard to be where he is now. At first I thought it is an EVO 7 or 8 or 9 but it is the new Passat. Passat for drifting? It is quite uncommon.

Rockstar Passat 900 horsepower front wheel

Almost all parts in Foust’s Passat have been strengthen and removed including its engine. This Passat is powered by 7.3 Liter V8 and received major upgrades including its front wheel drive system.

Rockstar Passat 900 horsepower engine bay
The car is now running on rear wheel drive system with 4-speed dog-type transmission. The car have been fitted with RS-R custom coils and at the back end, a large APR performance wing spoiler is use to improve its aerodynamic.

Rockstar Passat 900 horsepower sparco steering

All its interior have been tear down. You will see a new Recaro racing seat with new Sparco steering wheel and custom roll cage for his safety.

(Source: AutoEvolution)

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