740 Horsepower BMW M3 E92 RS by G-Power

G-Power has unveiled their latest project on BMW M3 E92 model. With the price of BMW M3 E92 is slightly down compared to its successor, it makes the BMW M3 E92 is becoming more popular among hardcore tuners. The 4.0-liter V8 engine has been upgraded with their new tuning kits with SKII supercharger system. 740-hp-BMW-M3-RS-GPower-9 As the result, the engine now producing 740 horsepower up from 420 hp in stock. With massive amount power increased, G-Power has fitted this BMW M3 E92 with a new suspension system and braking system. For those who want lower horsepower, G-Power also has other options for you to choose.


The standard BMW M3 exhaust being swap with a new full titanium exhaust system with a set of racing catalytic converters. Other than that, G-Power also replaces all exterior body panels with a lightweight carbon-fiber aerodynamic kit which includes a front spoiler, engine hood with air vents, trunk lid, and large rear spoiler. The modification reduces 11.5 kilograms. G-Power ends their modification with lightweight forged aluminum wheels.


(via Indyacars)

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