360 HP Mini With B16A VTEC Turbo Engine

The original Mini is one of the iconic British cars produced by British Motor Corporation since 1959. People love it because it is small and use less fuel. Although it is a small car, it does provide enough space for its passengers and luggage thanks to a creative design by Sir Alex Sir Alec Issigonis who placed a transverse engine with front-wheel drive setup.

Mini is an important car for British to compete with Volkswagen Beetle which produced by the German. Mini also have a performance lineup. Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper S were both successful as race and rally cars.

B16 Vtec Mini Turbo - 2

The classic body design still have a lot of fans who either restore it back to original condition, restomod or completely modified it. There people who swapped their original engine with Japanese engine like the Daihatsu Mira Turbo which is powered by 660cc Turbo. But can you imagine a VTEC engine inside this small engine bay?

B16 Vtec Mini Turbo - 6

It is hard to believe but it has been done. This Mini is a one of the best example. The car is now powered by a B16A VTEC from Honda. B16A is consider as a small VTEC but it is a stock engine anymore. It received major upgrades. Inside the engine it now fitted with Skunk2 valve springs, Skunk2 Block Guard, WISECO Forged Pistons, Brian Crower Sportsman Connecting Rods Cometic 1.66mm head gasket and ARP Head studs.

Inside the engine bay, you can saw a custom custom intake manifold to fit its limited space, Garret GT3076R, custom ITG 4″ Air Filter, 750cc RC Engineeing Injectors, Greddy Intercooler, 38mm Turbosmart Ultra wastegate and lots more. Yes. This car run on a turbocharged VTEC engine with Honda CRV gearbox.

B16 Vtec Mini Turbo - 3

With a massive 360 HP powering this small car, it require a Willwood Big Brakes to stop the car safely. And the rear spoiler is not just to make the car looks good but also to ensure it has enough downforce on its rear section.

B16 Vtec Mini Turbo - 4

The car also received cosmetics improvement both on its interior and exterior. I love the body paint quality. The House of Kolour Candy Orange paint, modern custom headlights and taillights, Zmax Body Kit, Subaru WRX Bonnet Scoop, Voltex Rear Wing and Force Racing SLR Wheels does makes the car standout.

B16 Vtec Mini Turbo - 7

The owner do bring the car to race tracks. But instead completely stripdown its interior panels, it now have a custom In-Car Entertainment (ICE) system and a nice interior trims. You can watch an interview with the owner and walkthrough in the following video:


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