2JZ Volvo 244 from Finland


Volvo is one of the most popular car for modification in Finland. Although Volvo is famous for its boxy looks, it does not stop people from being creative. Volvo is also known as one of a dedicated company who focus to deliver a safe car for its driver and passengers. Today, with more advance technology, Volvo have done a lot of research to make not people inside their car are safe but also people around it. They are the one who introduce airbag for pedestrian, blind spot detection, automatic braking feature for incoming traffic and many more.

This is 1980 Volvo 244 and it is own by Eemeli Vuorela from Finland. His Volvo project is not just an ordinary Volvo sitting on air suspension but it is far more beyond that. Eemeli want a powerful car but to find original aftermarket product 1980’s Volvo is not an easy things. So he decide swap his original 2.4 liter carburettor engine with a heart came from 2JZ GTE. The swapping process was done perfectly as it seem it had come from the factory in 1980’s.


2JZ GTE is an engine manufactured by Toyota and it has been in production line from 1991 until 2002. This inline 6-cylinder engine is originally came with a turbo  system and Eemeli have upgrade the turbo system with new K&N air filter and new aluminium intercooler for a better cooling system. The original turbine has been changed to a new bigger turbine came from Holset HX40.

He has also upgrade the original injector to give a way to a new 1000cc Bosch with Bosch 044 fuel pumps and Fuelab filters. With this new upgrade,  Eemeli can ensure enough fuel will be delivered when it is required. To ensure the engine are not over boost with all the upgrades, he used Turbosmart race port blow-off and 3 inch custom exhaust system with a new downpipe. With a new power, the original Volvo gearbox are not able to deliver to output efficiently and Eemeli choose a Toyota gearbox came from Chaser model and it is being connected to the axle with a new aluminium custom-built drive shaft.


Just to ensure he can tame this car, Eemeli has changed all his front brake system with a 305 mm disc came from S60 and 4 piston cylinder by Wilwood. Wilwood a well-known calliper that will do its job perfectly. The suspension of this 244 is no longer able to hold much power and overall looks that he want. So, he decide to use an air suspension system from Lowtoys Airbags with independent setup at each section. This new setup looks perfect a 16×9.5 inches “Salad-Shooter” wheels from Corvette C4.


Moving to its interior, he have wrapped all items with a new trim and it suits this Volvo very well. It include a new GA seats also follow the theme with custom stitching, custom gauges replaced the orginal Volvo and finish with a Momo steering wheel.

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