2015 Golf GTi APR With Vossen Wheels

This 2015 Golf GTi APR with Vossen Wheels is not located in Europe. It is from Florida but the styling originated from Europe. The owner of this car had wrap his car with metallic brown that give this Golf GTi a different look. The rear logo which is use to open the rear bonnet was removed to make his GTi looks clean.


The interesting part are the wheels. It is a creation from the Vossen Wheels and it is the limited Edition VLE-1. The wheels color and shape is perfectly matched this Golf GTi. Instead of using air suspension system, the ground clearance for this car was lowered down thanks to the H&R coilovers.


In terms of the performance, this Golf GTi is tune by APR. The 2.0 Liter engine has received the APR Stage 1 ECU update which produce 316 horsepower. With the new system air flow, APR claim it can push up to 336 horsepower.


(via AutoEvolution)

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