2015 BMW i8 AC Schnitzer

AC Schnitzer have officially launched their body kit design for the BMW i8. They have improved more on visual look for the i8 by having a new aerodynamic kits and new suspension setup. The newly design kits from AC Schnitzer feature carbon fiber material on front splitter, side skirt end and also its new rear wing.



Other than that, overall height for i8 have been lowered to 25 mm thanks to new lowered spring at front and 20 mm on its rear spring. With lowered ride, AC Schnitzer have fitted their 21 inch twin five spokes design wheels with complete forged. It weight less than 30 percent compare to conventional wheels. With lighter wheels, does it contribute to better  consumption? We don’t have the experiment but maybe AC Schnitzer can do the test.ac-schnitzer-bmw-i8-4

ac-schnitzer-bmw-i8-5  ac-schnitzer-bmw-i8-11

ac-schnitzer-bmw-i8-9(Source: GTSpirit)


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