2007 Volkswagen T2 Camper Van Driving Experience

ClassicCarsDriven have the opportunity to drive the Volkswagen T2 converted. It is a 2007 Volkswagen T2 model with Danbury Motor Caravan has converted its interior and exterior into a classic T2. The 2007 Volkswagen T2 camper van driving experience is simple and reliable too. The Volkswagen T1 van has been on sales in 50’s and  continue with T2 model.

2007 Volkswagen T2 Camper Van Driving Experience 2 vans

You can still buy a new Volkswagen T2 camper van that had been manufactured in Brazil. The manufacturing of the Volkswagen T2 has been stopped at the end 2013 after the new law in Brazil at that time require all new vehicle to have airbag and anti-lock braking system (ABS) and the Volkswagen T2 is not fit for that anymore.


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